Benefits of SGPT

• The reduced price point means that you are able to afford this Small Group Training (SGPT)
• The group environment is less intimidating to new members or beginners
• Clients can train in a social and fun atmosphere to their exercise programme
• Small group training will add variety and challenge to a possibly repetitive or stagnant exercise programme.

Other Benefits

• Stay Fit and Healthy• Meet like minded people
• Get rid of Stress and Switch Off
• Toning and Conditioning
• Lose Weight
• Reduce the impact of the passing years
• Stress Relief
• Stay in Shape
• Preparation from your 5K to Ultra-marathon

Our training is for mix women and men for all ages, from beginner to advanced level.
More venues to come in January 2013: Rathmines, Dundrum, Ballinteer, Marley Park or please ask for the venue near your area. If you have a 2 to 8 people group, please ask for more information about group training in your area.

Click here for venues/locations, days and timings and cost.